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The judge does not want to fix a date for hanging the convicts and is supporting them.

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दिल्ली रेप केस (NIRBHAYA CASE) में आज नया मोर तब आया जब NIRBHAYA की माता आशा देवी ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट से अपील करते हुए Patiala House court पर आरोपलगते हुए कहा की पटिआला हाउस कोर्ट VICTIMS तो सपोर्ट कर रहे है। आशा देवी कहते है की अब

Delhi Nirbhaya Case

सुप्रीम कोर्ट को ही decision लेना चाहिए और Nirbhaya के मुद्रेर को फांसी की सजा और दिन तै करे।

अभी कुछ महीनो से Patiala house Court के फैशले के बाद भी फांसी के तारीख को बार बार बदला गया है । आरोप यह है की जज जानबूझ कर ये तारीख आगे कर रहा है । आशा देवी ने सैफ तौर पर कहा है की अब सुप्रीम कोर्ट को इस मामले में आगे आना चाहिए।

Study Visa Consultant In Mohali

Best Study Visa Consultant In Mohali | SFWWC

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Study Visa Consultant In Mohali

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Badshah to launch his new track, ‘Kamaal’, with Saga Music and Yash Raj Films!

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Now Punjabi Entertainment industry showed variation and presence on every platform. The well Known Yesh Raj Banner is known for his big-budget and bigger cast for the entertainment industry. With the collaboration with Saga Music, Yesh Raj films already given us a blockbuster Song “Same Beef” This year. Now the social media of Yesh Raj Films shared a new poster where we find Badshah with Saga Owner Mr. Sumeet Singh. The news is that Badshah is going to launch his brother Amit Uchana with the song Kamaal.

Badshah Song Kamaal

Badshah had various super hits songs in Bollywood attract the huge audience not only from Punjab but also from overseas the Indian community. He always hung his audience with his party songs and raps. Now’s time for Amit Uchana to sit on the success car with Badshah and rock the world.

Badshah to launch his new track, ‘Kamaal’, with Saga Music and Yash Raj Films!

The much talked about the collaboration of two enormous film industry brands, Saga Music and Yash Raj Films, is all set to return with a bang! After the releasing blockbuster track ‘Same Beef’, which stands at a whopping 110 Million views on YouTube, the collaboration is now going to host the most celebrated celebrity- a reigning party music rocker- the iconic rap star BADSHAH!

This is the first time ever, more like a spectacle, that Badshah is going to collaborate with Saga Music and Yash raj Films for his track titled ‘Kamaal’. This song has been sung by Badshah’s brother Amit Uchana, and the breathtaking rap has been done by Badshah himself. It is noteworthy to mention that Mr. Sumeet Singh, owner of Saga Music, a leading music label, made the first big move by collaborating with Yash Raj Films to give a boost to Punjabi music, then released a cult track Same Beef with Sidhu Moosewala and Bohemia, and has now surprised the audiences by bringing Badshah in the house, and yet another feather is going to get added in his hat as he is gifting the music industry with Amit Uchana- a rising star. The music game seems to be changing at a faster pace! We look forward to what the next move will be!